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Elm Green

Elm Green Lane

Bradfield St Clare

Bury St Edmunds


IP30 0BH

T:       01284 828 145


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This scheme comprises the development of a vacant hill side plot of land of approximately 0.4ha in size.

The proposals are for a total of 19 new apartments, with a mix of one, two and three bedrooms, including a large penthouse to accommodate a family of ten. They are arranged over six separate, three to four storey buildings, orientated towards a central courtyard with a shared pool and a covered bar. The latter is intended as split level pavilion with a large overhanging roof to provide shade in and around the pool.

The buildings are separated by external staircases and are also staggered in height as they rise up the hill. This prevents the volumes from appearing too bulky. Wide external shared and private terraces are similarly staggered up through the landscape and face towards the central court yard.

Car parking is confined to the undercroft of the buildings clustered around the site entrance, which is also the lowest topographical point of the site. The central terrace and infinity pool are raised by approximately 1.5m above the car parking level.